Elderly Woman Kills Fawn: Thought He Might Bite Her ‘Head Off’ (Video)

Dorothy Richardson
Dorothy Richardson

This incident is pretty bizarre, but we must find a way to defend this little old lady, Dorothy Richardson, 76,who killed a fawn on her property. She lives alone and the fawn looked volatile and wild to her.

She said her eyes connected with his and he looked wild.  She didn’t know if  he might jump and bite her head off.  Her neighbor, Christopher Grueber is a councilman for Euclid, their suburban district outside of Cleveland.

He said the deer was approximately 25 pounds and maybe two feet tall.  He thinks it was a senseless act.

The town is fast siding with Grueber and there are charges mounting against the woman for her actions.

If convicted, she could get up to 60 days in jail.

4 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Kills Fawn: Thought He Might Bite Her ‘Head Off’ (Video)”

  1. ummm… why must we find a way to defend her again?
    i mean… she sounds a little nutty to me.
    she thot that baby deer was gonna bite her head off.
    don’t she know deer are vegetarian?

  2. THIS person is heartless and deserves to go to jail. Imagine what she would do to a puppy.

  3. Yeah, fawns are pretty scary. The baby wasn’t even old enough to eat. It was still nursing. I hope this witch gets the maximum sentence.

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