Black Kids Ousted from Summer Camp Pool. It’s 1955 Again! (Video)


Black children and other children of color are bewildered and stunned as to why their weekly swim has been canceled.

Their camp, The Creative Steps Day Camp in Philadelphia, paid more than $1900 to The Valley Swim Club for the children to go there weekly.

But after the children’s ethnicities were revealed The Valley Swim Club, a private club, told them they must get out of the pool and notified them later that their money would be refunded.

But the parent’s are outraged and do not want the refund, they want an apology.  According to one parent, they even told them they do not allow minorities in the club.  There will probably be more legal action to follow.

See this clip that will transport you to the mid 1950s in America:

10 thoughts on “Black Kids Ousted from Summer Camp Pool. It’s 1955 Again! (Video)”

  1. You cant blame the club. I would not want my children in there with them. This is not about discrimination rather its behavior. When will society realize they need to be controlled?

  2. Oh LornaJ you poor ignorant soul! No one mentioned behavior in that video at all, and based on the footage no one seemed to have any issues with behavior, even after being booted from what could have been a great time. Even the so called manager said nothing about their behavior. Instead he avoided questioning by threating to call the police. Cowardice at its’ best. What we have here is blatant racism and you know it. You try to shift blame as though they were treated that way for a reason. Please don’t teach this to your child.

  3. Unfortunately LornaJ is an example of the sort of racism that exists in this world. It’s obvious she is white and I’m surprised she is on a black news site. Why do whites come on black news site and spread their vile hatred? Why bother to come if you’re not willing to discuss topics intellectually. I think they cant’ seem to stay away from us. They have a love hate relationship with blacks.

  4. LornaJ, the world would be a better place with less people like you, this is why we have problems our children grow up to be just like you. You are ingnorant, what needs to be controlled is your ignorance

  5. I am a white man who has three little girls–I own a pool and live in New Hampshire–my pool (although not big enough for everyone) is open and they can swim up here anytime they want!!! This type of behavior is absolutely disgusting—and it is not the way I teach my children…Lorna J you should be ashamed of yourself….in my family–racism died with my grandparents and I will not tolerate it anywhere near my family and am the first to speak out when I hear it near my family–unfortuneately it does exist and it is a shame these kids had to deal with this….shame on all those who were at the club–think of the kids and what you are teaching them–your actions speak louder than any words could ever!! I just hope those kids do not think that this is the norm—come on up to New Hampshire kids–I will get the grill going and we can have some fun!!! We do not see color in this house….we only see kids as kids!!!

  6. I am in total dismay about this situation in philly..I would have never imagined something like this is still going on in a major city, and i do hope city officials step in and do something about this ignorance as it should not be tolerated no where in AMERICA!

  7. White folks ALWAYS shift blame, cause & effect to Blacks in everything & every aspect of society. They made us learn their language, then made fun of us for not speaking it properly. They didn’t want us to learn to read or count money, then they could cheat us & not allow us to vote. If we speak harshely to them, WE ARE RUDE ’cause they still have that “master” in-bred attitude. These people are power mongers who kills power mongers and call them terrorists. Beware always – they belittle you to exalt themselves.

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