Bill O’Reilly Is Already Attacking MJ’s Memory (Video)

Well what can you say about Bill O’Reilly that hasn’t already been said?   He is up to his normal racist tactics, but this time he’s really gone too far to disrespect yet another person who has given him his reason to have a job.

He should be ashamed of himself for defiling the memory of Michael Jackson regarding the amount of “adulation” he received.

He also has the audacity to chastise Hazel Dukes, New York’s NAACP President and Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush (D) for the “vile things” they said about Congressman Peter King (R)  (his friend) who immediately denounced Michael Jackson as a “low life”, “pedophile”, “pervert”, and “child molester” after his death.  If they labeled him a racist, they hit that nail on the head.  Decide for yourself:

O’Reilly, in an attempt to appear intelligent, invited an authentically intelligent person to his show, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, to debate his “hateration” toward Michael Jackson, his complaint that “you are a racist if you talk about Michael Jackson” and to somehow defend his friend Peter King who has probably taken more than one mafia bribe while for sport and/or entertainment contracted cops to beat on black boys and keep them out of his district in Long Island.  Peter King and Bill O’Reilly clearly are cut from the same filthy rag as you will soon see:

13 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Is Already Attacking MJ’s Memory (Video)”

  1. I would like to extend an open invitation to Bill O’Reilly for the ass whooping he so richly deserves. I will meet you any place, at any time and present you with the ass whooping of a life time…you hate-spewing, racist, whoremonger!! How dare you!! Just because when you die no one will give a f%^*, does not give you the right to degrade this man in death!! I double dare you to make your comments in the presence of Mr. Jackson’s brothers!! You punk mother f&*%!! You and the racist network that employs you!!

  2. Bill O’Reilly is truly showing his REAL racist misinformed self. He needs to do the world a favor and end his life.

  3. I find it very interesting that someone who goes to a Catholic church (both Oreilly and Peter King) would be so quick to call someone a pedophile (who’s proven not guilty in a court of law)yet at the same time send his money and energy to an organization (the Catholic Church) that has harbored pedophiles for decades who have been proven in criminal court to be GUILTY of hundreds of cases of pedophile….I just find this interesting. I guess reality is unpopular these days when it comes to certain people with a political agenda…

  4. o”relly is a ass hole. he nevern has nothing good to say about any body dead or a live.

  5. Mr O’Reilly,
    I know you never ment what you said, you were only seeking for general NOTICE.
    Next time, better deal on lighter issues cos you can get your ass shot for your words.

  6. I would just like to tell Tokedia Davis “YOU’RE AN IDIOT! Michael Jackson wasn’t a typical man…. Or woman. He was a freak. He did everything he could to be white. He bleached his skin, straightened his hair and changed his nose… That was a nose wasn’t it? He was strung out on prescription drugs- an addict! That’s what killed him. These are facts…. the truth. Quit playing the “race card” and shut up. Blacks can criticize whites to no end and it is acceptable. Blacks like you cry racism every chance you can to maneuver any situation to go your way. You segregate yourselves to manipulate society, then cry racism! Where’s the Caucasian college fund? Your obviously not an intelligent individual by any means. Your grammar and spelling are equivalent to a third grader at best…. Whoremonger??? Don’t you mean Warmonger? Your illiterate, foul mouthed fit of rage shows your lack of intelligence… (or maybe it’s typical of your race). Take advantage of your United Negro College Fund ( if you can get into a college) and pick up some Spelling and grammar classes…. Then shove it up your a$$!

  7. @ Tina…I would be more than happy to extend that invitation to you for as ass whooping as well…name the time and place dear!!


  9. Tina, shut up. Fool. MJ had a skin disorder which was PROVEN even in his death report. People like you are so stupid that you use lies to spread your hate just like O’reilly and King did (Oreilly was accused of sexual harassement. regardless if it happen or not, he was accused. Did King call him out of his name? No. I bet if we look into the lives of these people and people like you Tina, you are full of Bull and that is why you take such pleasure in labeling someone else and using lies to make a point. MJ has been dead for 6 years now and he is still loved even before death (sold out 50 shows in minutes). No, this more about a black man (MJ) getting attention. And for the record Tina, we have BLACKS who have light skin with thin noses, etc.

  10. Tina, MJ was not stung out of drugs, he had a sleep disorder. YOu are a crazy. And you want to say you speak the truth. What truth? Your truth. And what is your attacks on blacks. Clearly you are racist and seem to be upset with the black community for calling racist like yourself out. As for blacks being “separate”, who caused that problem? Not blacks; however blacks find a way to help uplift themselves because WHITES discriminated against blacks and still doing it. Sorry but throwing blacks a few “scraps” WONT make blacks feel “equal”. Whites still dominate everything. Also, do not hate any organization that help black students go to college. Where is the white college fund? This is EVERYWHERE so stop you complaining. You look stupid.

  11. The only pervert and low life is Peter King. I bet if we checked his home out, you will find a REAL pedo. KING. This is just like the senator who acted like he hated gays and degraded gays. Guess what, that senator was really gay and got caught in a bathroom.

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