Government Sites Attacked While Our Attention Is on MJ


While we were attending vigils and uploading our iPods with the latest Jackson songs, putting our Facebook thoughts up about Michael’s passing, trying to get the latest info from his will, then buying fireworks and trying to pick up all the food for the cookout, the federal government was being attacked.  Cyber marauders had snuck in the back door and disabled several of the country’s sites.

According to the Associated Press, the Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission and Transportation Department sites were all down over the holiday weekend, and some as late as last night.  The government doesn’t want to speak on it or provide many details for obvious reasons.  There’s no way they can say this wasn’t terrorist-related.  Their definition of terrorism varies as it benefits them though.

The way the attack is described lets you know that it wasn’t just a little sniffle these sites caught, they were down with the swine flu and/or something with formidable strength and resilience that obviously, our present sites were not capable of fighting off.  It was able to keep them knocked out for more than a day?  That’s serious stuff!

Read here so you can get your conspiracy theory together as well, because now that Michael is buried, it’s business as usual.

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