Father Busts a Cap at His Two Sons (Video)


The moment this story was made available through Huffington Post, I knew the father was black.  Call it a hunch, call it luck, call it experience…I KNEW!  We all seem to take inventory when we hear a news story and immediately try to put it in a racial box.   On this one, I knew I would be correct.  The story gets more black as it goes along too.

The father said that the two grown “A” sons were asked to do their chores and they figured they would get to it when they get to it.  Immediately, that was not going to fly, so an altercation ensued between the father and his sons.  The sons, 22 and 29, penned their father to the ground until their mother told them to let him up.  Once he was up, it … was… on!  He said he was going to “even it up.”  And that’s when he came out blastin’!  You’re not going to be laying up in his house playing XBox all day and not helping out.  It’s not going to fly in his neck of the woods.  There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Sammy Shannon:

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  1. You’re probably right about the whole knowing he was Black thing. I mean, this guy just shot at them but if he were white he would have killed the whole family and the dog.

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