Ebony to Release Commemorative MJ Book


EBONY Magazine will be celebrating the life of Michael Jackson with an exclusive commemorative book with 100 pages of never-before-seen photos, celebrity tributes and 5,000 words from the KING of POP!

Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, Ne-Yo, Rev. Al Sharpton, Smokey Robinson, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Suzanne de Passe and many others shared their inner-most thoughts on the late King of Pop in EBONY magazine’s MICHAEL: IN HIS OWN WORDS.

Scheduled for release the week of July 13, the exclusive commemorative book will feature hundreds of never-before-seen photos of Michael, his family and many others along with various stories from those who truly loved him. “Michael was a genius. Michael was a researcher. He’d study, study, study. He was one of the greatest listeners I know,” said Berry Gordy, founder of Motown.

As the world’s largest Black magazine, EBONY has documented the superstar’s life since the beginning of his phenomenal career with thousands of photos and countless articles. For the first time EBONY has opened the archives like never before to help celebrate Michael Jackson’s incredible legacy.

8 thoughts on “Ebony to Release Commemorative MJ Book”

  1. I am glad our black magazines have decided to come out with a commemorative issue on the King of Pop. Other special issues on MJ have been produced with mistakes and with pics of the wrong people. I am waiting patiently for Ebony’s issue because they will show Michael in all his glory and with people who truly knew him with respect and love! Not with malice and hate and calling him a “freak”. I must admit, I previously bought two issues before with Michael in them for 9.00 dollars each including Rolling Stone’s issue. I felt they were nothing more than a waste of money because of the constant use of the term “freak” and using pictures to degrade him instead of praising him for his influence on pop culture. Negative words and misinformation all done in a haste to make a fast buck to sell magazines. With Ebony I hope we as black people and other races will learn the truth about Michael Jackson through his humble beginnings to the superstar icon he has become known for and loved by fans. No one will ever replace him. RIP Michael I love you. “With a child’s heart”

  2. were can you buy this magazine,
    cause I’m from holland and I REALLY want one


  3. Nj —-thanks for the 411. check the abcnews .com for photos of michael’s leg with scarring tissue and vitilago pics. Horrify and a low blow from abcnews! check out the website of Us weekly magazine about the pepsi commercial where michael burned his scalp! poor baby!

  4. I’m glad Ebony is honoring Michael Jackson. A lot of
    these publications on the stands now, are a disgrace
    a lot of them no nothing about Michael as a previous
    poster said they call him freak and other disrepectful
    name. Rest In Peace Michael They can’t hurt U anymore!!!!!.

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