Detroit Radio Show Host Caught Up In Payola

Mildred Gaddis
Mildred Gaddis

Detroit’s veteran radio show host Mildred Gaddis runs a talk show on WCHB-AM (1200) called “Inside Detroit” during the morning commute from 6am to 10am.  But on the weekends, she runs another show called “Meet the Candidates” on channel 38 and she has interviewed over a dozen of Detroit’s City Council members but then, charged them $1,000 to be on the show.  Now Steve Wilson of WXYZ-TV (Detroit’s ABC affiliate), is accusing  her of getting paid on the side by politicians.  Not a good look right?  It leaves too much room for corruption when no disclaimer has been given by the network showing that these are paid ads.

For instance, Wilson’s investigation into Gaddis’s show revealed one potential City Council member, Charles Pugh, who is running for a seat. Pugh acknowledged that he paid for his appearance and he said he thought of it as an “infomercial,” but he expressed that he would’ve liked it to be labeled as such.

Now all of this is well and good, but Gaddis has been a part of Detroiters morning everyday for nearly 20 years and for her to lose the TV show over something that is the channel’s fault is not fair.  She’s not responsible for running disclaimers, she’s responsible for being the host of the show…which by the way, they do not compensate her for doing.  This is the reason she charges the politicians to be on the show in the first place.  Sorry Ms. Gaddis, looks like you’re the fall guy in this scenario.  Read more here.

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