Naval Academy Inducts Most Diverse Class


In all these years, 164 to be precise, the naval academy has finally found a way to add a significant number of minorities.  In fact, it is the most diverse class ever with 435 minorities out of 1,230, making it approximately 1/3rd of the class.  Some are naysayers though and hate that it is so many. 

According to the Washington Post, an English professor, Bruce Fleming, told the Capital newspaper that bringing in the minorities is a “dumbing down” of the academy.  He is under the impression that their scores on SAT’s are low.  But luckily, someone who knows what they’re talking about, the academic dean and provost of the academy, William Miller refutes that claim and characterized these class as  ” … the most talented overall that we have ever brought into the Naval Academy… and Fleming is a nobody who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” (loosely translated after the pause.)

Read more on the Navy’s Freshman class here.

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