D.C.’s Former Mayor, Marion Barry, Locked Up for Stalking

D.C's former Mayor Marion Barry
D.C.'s former Mayor Marion Barry

Marion Barry has seen his share of troubles during his political career. Lucky for him, none of his troubles have been against the city of D.C.  He’s into self-humiliation it seems.

The embattled ex-mayor/current city councilman has long history of scandals starting with the videotape of him in a police sting where he was videotaped smoking crack in a hotel room with an unidentified white woman.

The latest troubles are very simple … younger woman (relatively), older man. Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, 40, and Barry, 73, were involved in a relationship last year and she tried to dump him right before he had a kidney transplant in February, according to the Washington Post.  It appears he hasn’t got the message that she wants to be left alone.

The reports are conflicted about him getting arrested for “stalking” her. The police tell a story, he tells a story and she tells a story.

We’ll be awaiting the truth on another date.  She’s saying that she had nothing to do with his arrest.  He’s saying they had a consensual lunch date, so he wanted to know how they could go from lunch to stalking.  Read here for the full story.

2 thoughts on “D.C.’s Former Mayor, Marion Barry, Locked Up for Stalking”

  1. …AGAIN!!!.. the DC Metro Police, for some reason, seem to have it out for Marion Barry.

    This is quite a strange story. The woman has publicly come out and said she did NOT call the police, nor “wave them down” as they claim in their report.

    Marion Barry has a press conference scheduled for 10am today. It will be interesting to here his side as well.

    Either way… I have my issues with Marion Barry, as a former Mayor and current Councilman. However, this is becoming so stupid to see him arrested for the dumbest things.

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