Nas and Damian “JR Gong” Marley Unite


Even though we’ve been watching Nas and Kelis experience a private moment–quite publicly–that Nas is coming out on the ugly end of, we still respect his work…if nothing else.  Seeing Nas and Damian “JR Gong” Marley come together is like watching the Wonder Twins activate to dismantle their opponent with an interchanging super strength.  The musical powerhouse that can be built by the edgy, conscious thug that blasts through Nas’s sound with the testimonial that is invoked through JR Gong’s legendary roots offers infinite possibilities to their upcoming effort.

The two have decided to combine for a sort of pan-africanist project called “Distant Relatives.”  The title both describes their association as artists and their affinity and passion for reaching home to the motherland.  Some might take issue with the “smokes” in this first look, but check it out.  You will be both excited and anxious to hear the end result:




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