Media Is Working Michael Like Never Before


Michael Jackson probably is peering down from the heavens now thinking, “This is the most work I’ve done without having to lift a gloved finger!”  Magazines are going into the annals of their photo collections, using the most provocative and incendiary headlines possible, some even promising a gruesome “last look” at Mike.  Yes! The vultures are “circulating.”

The recession hit print media with a brick wall and fell on it this year.  Papers have closed, journalists jobs have been erased or are in jeopardy and people are doing all they can to work on being recruited for the online jobs.  Hell! We just saw Vibe close  their doors.  And to add insult to injury they closed on the last day of the music month. 

A writer for BNET has elaborated much further on the popular and not so popular mainstream magazines that are looking to profit from MJ’s death and turn business around.  Read here to see how low they will go.

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