Duke University Official Sells Adopted Black Son for Sex Online

Frank M. Lombard, 42, child molester representing Duke University

Yes!  We have been working with the animal control center and have found yet another animal posing as a human.  This particular species is undefined for various reasons as you will read for yourself.  The animal, Frank M. Lombard, 42, was arrested at his home in North Carolina and not only was his adopted five-year old he had been selling and having sex with present, but two other children as well.

The FBI seized all kinds of computer equipment and other evidence against the assistant director for Duke University’s Center for Health Policy.  The animal was caught because he was selling his son to a stranger online that happened to be a D.C. Task Force agent, according to CNN.  He promised the officer that he could perform all sorts of sex acts on the child because he had already done them to the child himself.

The putrid beast will surely meet with a grateful inmate or inmates that will defile him in ways he had not even conjured up in his petrified brain.  But unfortunately, this crime does not call for Madoff time (150 years), this SOB will only receive a maximum of 20 years which translates to 10.

Also, doesn’t it make you ponder why this story isn’t all over every network superceding Michael Jackson’s death at least for one day?   The man is from the country’s coveted Duke University and there hasn’t been a serious peep about the story locally or nationally.  Is it because Duke’s reputation cannot be tarnished?  Is it a racial thing?  He is white you know.  What about the fact that he’s a gay white male?  Wouldn’t want them to come off as deviant.  So you … SPREAD THE WORD!

That reminds me, let me call Al Sharpton right now.  Maybe he can make enough stink to get the President to focus on adoption guidelines, especially for black children.  Because per another report, the chat between this sick bastard and the officer said:

In the chat transcript, “F.L.” is asked how he got access to a child so young. “Adopted,” he replied, and said that the process was “not so hard … esp (sic) for a black boy.”

In the chat, “F.L.” told Palchak that abusing the child was “easier when he was too young to know what was happening and when he couldn’t talk …He had a little too much Benadryl. Was knocked out.”

Read more about the case here…if you can.

-J.C. Brooks

11 thoughts on “Duke University Official Sells Adopted Black Son for Sex Online”

  1. You know, this is too sick for words. And as far as why it’s not topping the news, it doesn’t surprise me as it is a black child who is the victim here. But as far as the perpetrator being a gay man, I think the media would love to know more about that. Gayness still does not gain favor in news stories – certainly not those including child abuse. Can you say where you got that information, by the way? I don’t find it in the other stories. As a lesbian and a mother, I am sickened by this, and the idea that this man may identify as gay is sickening as well. There are abusers of all types in this world, of every gender, orientation and race. His sexuality makes no difference. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  2. Cut his Mother@#ckin’ head off!! When is our “legal” system gonna stop playing softball with trash like this?? But they won’t do anything because society won’t demand tougher penalties. This DOG,and those like him, need to be executed!! After the DNA proves guilt and the guilty verdict is read, he would have ONE WEEK to make peace with his maker!! No sitting in prison watching cable and getting diplomas by correspondence; no sitting on death row with appeals that drag on for years, and no lethal injection!! I’m talkin’ about going back to some medeviel tactics (disembowelment, dismemberment, the rack, etc.) to send the proper message that we aren’t gonna stand for this type of activity in our society, and if you do cross that line…IT’S A WRAP!!

  3. I find it very strange that the article on CNN fails to mention that the little boy was black. Him being gay is of no importance to me. I don’t care what the sexual orientation of this sick, dirty, perverted, dog is. All i care about is them putting this filth underneath the jail but I know he won’t get alot of time because the child was black and we are not that important in society!

  4. This is a sick individual no matter his sexual orientation nor ethnic background of the child!! NO CHILD girl or boy, of any color should be exploited like this and yes, we need stiffer laws and sentences for these crimes that the children have to live with for the rest of thier life. I hate to see ALL the stories of the horror fostercare gone wrong!! Why can’t the media post some of the terrific stories of the people who enrich countless children by bringing them into thier homes and making a wonderful family life for thier children they adopt. I know of a family that adopted 8, another that adopted 4 and brought the siblings back together, and other families that adopt thier children that are metally and physically scarred and mamed for life but they make a wonderful difference in the kids life and do turn these children around. Sometimes even to the amazment of the doctors that treat these children, not to memtion workers and other aquaintance that come into contact with these families on a day to day basis. And YES, some of these families are gay but they are not abusing thier children because of it. Whether straight or gay, man or woman, married or single there are wonderful people out there that TRUELY care for these children and open thier hearts and homes to them. DO it for the right reasons and you will be able to see the difference in a child and our future!!! Please focus on the children and thier needs and not on the animals that probably needed to be in foster care themselves years ago and they may not have turned out like this. Please focus on this and other poor defenseless children and getting them the help they need, Instead of glorifing the animal. In thier eyes it makes it ok what they are doing because people are talking about it. Get on the lawmakers and policy makers of our country to protect the children and give them services so badly needed for them, instead of the animals getting it all. The children need them so badly. I can not say it enough that these children in care are in need of so many services and there isn’t the money nor the resources to handle them all. Please do what you can to change the statistics and thier lives for the better! Give to local foster parents associations in your areas, contact OCS offices or 1-800-748-7755, local Families Helping Families, local CASA or even the court systems to direct you to someone that can help you make a difference in these childrens life if your heart and mindset are in the right place. BUT please if you are only out to hurt the children please stay away!!!! Thank you for my right to freedom of speach and listening to it. Thank you for your time and please to all the foster and adoptive parents out there that make such a wonderful difference in thier childrens lives please keep it up and know that you are making a difference and it is appreciated!!!! Thanks

  5. Sorry a BIG part that was left out was the wonderful workers that do this job because of the love for the children AND not the pay because we know it isn’t enough for the difference you make in the children’s life you come into contact with. Thanks for the changes that you make for these children. And thanks for the countless hours that you put your own family behind on holidays and weekends to take care of the situations that come up. You make these children and their families feel like they are the only ones you matter at that crucial moment knowing how many more cases you have on your plate. Not to mention your awesome family you left at home and they understand your job. Thanks to these families that support you to make you such an awesome part of these childrens lives.

  6. What color the child is has no bearing on anything. Does it really matter that CNN didn’t say that the child was black? NO. This is how racial crap keeps getting stirred up. I don’t care if the child is Asian, Mexican, White, Black, Orange, Yellow or Red he / she is a child and this shouldn’t happen to any child. Stop focusing on the idiotic parts of the story and focus on the children and what everyone can do to keep our children safe and out of perverts hands.

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