Anti-Smoking Campaign Graphic Enough for You?


If you’ve been watching the anti-cigarette commercials and think to yourself, “Wow, did they really just do that?  How far are they going to go to get people to quit?”  Then, you haven’t seen anything yet.  They are willing to take it a step further.  The campaigns are going to step up their efforts and get more graphic with New York City at least.

The campaign they are suggesting would allow for graphic pictures of people’s organs and body parts that contracted illnesses due to smoking to be put up in stores where cigarettes are sold.  This is a new initiative since the latest landmark bill was passed into law last month giving the government nearly full regulatory control over the tobacco industry.

Read here to see what you might see in the grocery store the next time you ask for a pack.  They are obviously taking a page out of the book of Australia’s ad campaigns.  Warning!  Australia does not play about smoking:

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