Who Really Has ‘Good Hair’? (Video)


Chris Rock’s new mockumentary “Good Hair”, will be coming to a theatre near you really soon.

Some of you may not have liked the reference “good hair” when you were coming up, but it is a real phenomena.

Some women might agree that if they have the right hair, then nothing can go wrong.

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Boston Cop Who Called Gates ‘Jungle Monkey’ in Email ‘Bout To Be Fired (Video)

Justin Barrett, 36, 2-year veteran of Boston Police Department
Justin Barrett, 36, 2-year veteran of Boston Police Department

Well, at least someone in the Boston Police Department [BPD] may get fired for acting “stupidly.”  But, the BPD really needs to come clean and own up to their true feelings.  Just kidding!

This is an isolated incident within the Boston police department and the thoughts shared in the e-mail is not those of everyone in the department. [The department should’ve hired me for that disclaimer].

But, in an effort to blow the roof off the motha and let it be known that BPD don’t play that, heads flew after this e-mail was discovered.  It wasn’t hard for them to find it as the fool that sent it out, sent it as a mass e-mail and now the thing is all over Earth.  Continue reading

8-Yr. Old Liberian Girl Gang Raped and Shunned By Parents (Video)

The story about this little girl from Liberia, now living in Phoenix (Arizona),  has garnered attention from all over the globe.

The horrendous crime of four boys gang raping the girl was thought by the family to bring shame upon them, thus leading them to turn on her.

The police officers that responded to the assault were told by the parents that they did not want her there.  Continue reading

Black Man Caught Having Sex With Horse…Again

Rodell Vereen, 50
Rodell Vereen, 50

Where do you begin when you see something like this?  There’s no words.  All one can think is…you crazy mofo!  This animal, well no, that would make it right…this fool was caught in a woman’s barn having sex with her horse not one time, but he’s been caught on the same horse before and charged. Continue reading

Jay-Z Tries for High Road with Game

It appears that Jay-Z and the Game are not putting differences aside to go on with their successful rap lives.  No, the Game is constantly coming after him.  He has performed and has tried to get the crowd to chant things against Jay-Z.  But, while Jay-Z is giving the Game time to think about his latest “marketing” ploy.

Jay-Z, while not firing back at the Game, doesn’t want his kindness to be mistaken for weakness because Continue reading

New York Flies Homeless Out of City…Permanently


Wow!  Who knew that New York had the answer to homelessness?  If Ronald Reagan would’ve talked to Bloomberg (conspiracy theory about to follow) he could’ve stopped having folks poisoning them.  The homeless must find a relative that will take them in and once they do that…it’s off to the tourist agency.  The city is so serious that they arrange for international one-way fares as well.

The system has worked for the overcrowded city so far.  There hasn’t been any returns as of yet.  Read here to see how you can get your ticket.