Tribute to Michael Jackson “Better On The Other Side”

I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but The Game, Diddy, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men and others have come together for a tribute song for Michael Jackson.

I’m not a big fan of The Game, but he has to get major cool points for this one.  Check out the official video here:

2 thoughts on “Tribute to Michael Jackson “Better On The Other Side””

  1. Hi,
    I really enjoyed the song and video with the angelic voices of Boyz 2 Men and a touch of Chris Brown. One thing that made my skin crawl was the word “Nigger” and i’m pretty sure i heard that even though i haven’t had my first cup of coffee. I really don’t think the “Jackson Family” would embrace “MICHAEL J. JACKSON” being referred as one to another person. Why does the word “Nigger” has to be a THEME for most rappers? The ICON, RIP MR. MICHAEL J. JACKSON. P.S. No other living artist of this time will ever top was Michael as done for the world of music and surely no one deceased has top Micheal. Perhaps, another lifetime. The out pouring of love reminds me of PRINCESS DIANA’S PASSING.

  2. I agree Chris1,..I was disturbed by the use of the word too. I will not go into a long disertation about it, since you have already touched my points.. Great minds think alike..

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