Michael Jackson Just Wanted To Get Some Sleep


A registered nurse for Michael Jackson has come forward about the entertainer’s medical condition and what she witnessed for herself.  The Associated Press, said that she mentions that he was suffering from intense insomnia.  According to the report, Cherilyn Lee is a registered nurse that specializes in nutritional counseling.  He wanted the drug, Diprivan, that would allow him to drop off to sleep immediately.

Lee said that MJ said this to her:  “All I want is to be able to sleep. I want to be able to sleep eight hours. I know I’ll feel better the next day.”  If the statement is true, it appears that he was wearing himself out preparing for the show of shows in London.  She also said that he tried to convince her that he had taken the drug (which is administered intravenously) before.

Lee’s reasoning behind her sudden disclosure of this information is that she was tired of the media trying to make him out to be some sort of drug addict.  Which she says that he was not.  Read her full report on his drug intake here.

4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Just Wanted To Get Some Sleep”

  1. I am so tired of the media dissecting and analyzing every aspect of his life. It was bad enough that he was persecuted and made fun of during life. Remember his song (and video), “Leave Me Alone”? He was “hounded” until death and he still cannot “rest.” Just leave the man alone! He was so much more than his “eccenticities” (is that a word?). Who of us is not flawed?! Let’s remember his astounding contributions to music and our global community as a whole. Someone like Michael Jackson only comes around once in a life time. We should be thankful that we were here at this time to witness such a life!

  2. Yes the press should leave Michael memory alone. I understand
    his intense insommina I suffer with it. Look at the time I’m posting!!!
    Let the man finally get some rest.Rest In Peace Michael!!!!

  3. Absolutely agree with JustConcern, Zee, and Trouble, posting above. As another who suffers from chronic insomnia, I can well understand the terrible stress he must have been under, facing FIFTY concert dates at age 50 after not performing for a long time and having to deal with the daily ongoing stress and fallout from being unjustly and maliciously accused of things he would NEVER have done. And now, someone has taken his life, and is walking free.

    It’s almost unbearable.

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