2-Year Old Boy Smokes Pack A Day

Liang Liang
Liang Liang

These Chinese people need to be kicked up the ass if this is a part of their “ancient Chinese secret hon.”  There’s nothing cute about giving your child cigarettes to smoke at 1-year old to take away the pain.

The child,  Liangliang of Tianjin, China, was suffering from a hernia and was given cigarettes for the pain.  The child has gotten up to a pack a day and the parents are simply distraught over that.  They don’t know what to do.

Well, I don’t know about in Tianjin, but in most places in the U.S. the cigarettes are $7 or close to it.  So, unless this child has a commercial and is bringing in his own money to buy them.  STOP BUYING CIGARETTES!  Simple.

Read here to see how foolish this was from the beginning.

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