Stylist Beaten In Oakland Hair Salon

It appears that ABC put up the video of the beating of a stylist in a beauty salon in Oakland, presumably California, but thought, “This is too ignorant for commentary.”  So, the video is just up there on their site raw with no interpretation. But, we’re sure that by the time you get to the end of it, you will have a pretty good idea of what happened here.

Warning! There’s some foul language and ass beatin’ goinz’ on.  Be careful:

2 thoughts on “Stylist Beaten In Oakland Hair Salon”

  1. This is a crying shame!! Women acting like that is pitiful. I couldn’t hear the conversation (if you call it that) to actually determine what the mess was about but I assume it was over some he said, she said and somebody did my man crap. It was not a fair fight because the lady would not fight back, so I assume stupid #1 who started throwing licks first is bragging all around her hood that she beat the lady up. Then the other fool, stupid #2 who wouldn’t let the woman leave the salon should both be charged with several crimes. Did anyone not call the police??? It’s just a sad commentary that displays the poor way blacks are now treating each other w/no respect or regard for human life. But! I guess if you lack self respect, then what else can one expect. How sad. I pray that they each come to their senses. Hopefully if they see what I saw they’d feel as stupid about their actions as they looked. Sad to say though, they would probably cheer themselves on and continue bragging. God help us all!

  2. How sad that people chose not to live above their sterotype. With a video, there should be assault charges, criminal confinement charges, etc. As the above poster suggested, all over some gossip and probably about a man!!!! Women violence on women, over men???? WTF??

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