Now Michael’s For Sale


When the living legend, the King of Pop, was looking for someone to invest in him, buy up his records like times of old, all he could hear were crickets chirping.  But now, there’s nothing that is Michael Jackson related that is safe on the shelves anywhere.  People are in a buying frenzy to have a piece of him.

But eight short years ago when he made his last studio album, Invincible, that sold 10 million albums those sales were dismal in comparison to his earlier albums Thriller selling 110 million and Bad selling 30 million.  By 2003, the album had only sold 6- 7 million copies.

He spent millions on production and the album was highly anticipated until the dispute between himself and Tommy Motola.  He called him a “devil” and accused Sony of racism when they wouldn’t release the masters of his earlier work that he expected to be available to him at the time of the new millennium.

If you watched the BET Awards, there were many Michael Jackson shirts and none of them the same.  People are out on the street making a franchise of the man and his legacy already.   When is the last time you saw someone with a Michael Jackson shirt?  Watch the AP report to get an idea of how bad it has gotten:

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