Dishin’ Dirt on the BET Awards…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

In case y’all ain’t hear, the BET Awards changed their line-up for this year’s show after they received the news of Michael Jackson’s passing.  The network decided to shift gears and pay homage to MJ with a tribute befitting a king.

New Edition
New Edition

New Edition opened the BET Awards and KILLED IT!!  All of New Edition performed to include Bobby Brown…and they sounded GREAT!!  It was HOT!!  They still got it!

New Edition
New Edition

Side Bar-I may be lil’ biased though.  Y’all know I love me some New Edition!

Keri Hilson
Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson did that!  I have a new respect for her.  Her dancers were awesome.  I had the opportunity to meet her during the Dirty Awards last year and she was an AWESOME young lady.  I wish her much success.


NeYo BLEW “Lady In my Life” out of the water.  Not that I was surprised because the boy is a musical GENIUS.  He is one of the very few artists that can come out with a CD that you can just go buy and not have heard one song.

This ain’t got nuffin’ to do with nuffin’ but can somebody pu-lease tell me where I can get an old school Michael Jackson t-shirt?  I am really feeling the one Jamie rocked while performing “Blame It.”

Jamie and Travis
Jamie and Travis

Speaking of the “Blame It” performance, what was the purpose of Snoop dancing around in a leather trench coat (in the summer time no less) during Jamie’s performance?  That was a mess.  Although I am glad to see T-Pain back in action Travis Barker is who really set the performance off!!  Now that was hot!!

Tiny and Toya
Tiny and Toya

For real, who gave Tiny and Toya’s ignorant azzez a reality show?  Needless to say, I will be watching.  Y’all know how I do.  Nuff said…

Tevin Campbell
Tevin Campbell

One of the craziest things for me was seeing Tevin Campbell sing a tribute to the O’Jays.  Yes I said TEVIN CAMPBELL!  For real, where did they find Tevin Campbell?  I almost choked when I heard his voice!!  For real though, they couldn’t get anyone else to do the tribute?  What, Dave Hollister wasn’t available?  I’m just sayin’, ain’t nobody heard from Tevin Campbell since he was on the Arsenio Hall show sitting on the couch with his asymmetrical bob styled dukey braids.  Y’all do the math.  Nuff said…

Side Bar-Tyrese, Trey Songs and Johnnie Gill KILLED the tribute to the O’Jays!!  Those boys can sing!

Don C
Don C

Okay, I know that y’all are gonna talk about me but WHY did they let Don Cornelius stand up there and RAMBLE for darn near 15 minutes while introducing the O’Jays?  I was hoping someone would pat him on the back so that he would spit out what he was trying to say.


Beyonce’s “Ava Maria” was a beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson.  Everytime I hear that song it brings me to tears.  Speaking of Beyonce, Jay Z surprised her when he came on and performed “D.O.A.”  It was cute how they did it.  And y’all, Bey really was surprised.  Y’all know she ain’t that good of an actress.  Nuff said…


Drake (the new comer), Weezy and those Cash Money dudes performed their latest hits.  Folks are really feeling this Drake dude for him not to have a CD out.  Although I like his two songs, overall the performance was a tad bit on the whack side.

Side Bar-Guess what y’all?  Weezy looked like he took a shower before the awards show!  YEEEEEEAAAA!!

Janet Jackson showed up to the awards show.  She could barely speak and she choked up towards the end of her speech.  She thanked all of the fans for their support during their difficult time.  She kept it sweet and simple.  Janet said that we look at him as an Icon but they (her family) look at him as family.  My heart goes out to the Jackson family.

Jamie and Neyo closed the show with a touching rendition of Michael Jackson’s “I’ll be there” and had the house (along with myself) in tears.  I absolutely loved it!  Michael Jackson will be missed.

Overall, BET did a great job paying homage to Michael Jackson.  Although I LOVE when Mo’Nique hosts the BET Awards, Jamie Foxx did an excellent job hosting.

When I got the news that Michael Jackson passed away, initially I was in disbelief and then I felt a lump form in my throat while I fought back tears.  At that moment, I began to remember a time when my most prized possessions were my Michael Jackson buttons and my Off the Wall and Thriller album covers that I had hanging on my bedroom wall that I blew kisses to each night before I fell asleep.  I remember being in the sixth grade telling my mama that I was going to UCLA for college so that I could meet and marry Michael Jackson.  Isn’t that hilarious?!  I remember being in college at Southern University and saving my money so that I could buy the Dangerous CD…and didn’t have a CD player to play it on.  I remember being grown as all get out, RUNNING to buy Mike’s Invincible CD the very first day it came out.  Like many of you, I LOVED Michael Jackson and no matter what ANYBODY says, Mike is and will forever be the King of Pop.  Rest peacefully Michael Joseph Jackson.

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



33 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on the BET Awards…”


    ´´´R I P MJ´´

  2. LOLOL!!! Where did you get that Don C pic?!? I didn’t know he was “high waisted.” He looks really creepy in that pic.

  3. Don Cornelius. LOL. Anyway…..I liked the show alot. But I’m a little confused, what was Tiny talking about when she said “King”? Was she saying T.I. was King? The child is so goofy and goofy looking that I had no idea wtf she was rambling about. Loved Jamie. The guy Drake……..sorry…..go home dear. Janet looked great and my heart fell when she started talking. Thats when I felt MJ’s lost the most. R.I.P. Michael.

  4. Star, I think Tiny was calling TI King, I think that’s his nickname. I think that Tiny should go to school while TI is locked up. As far as the awards, I enjoyed New Edition, Jamie Foxx, the OJays, Tevin Campbell, Keri Hilson – I wasn’t sure about Beyonce, was she suppose to be doing a tribute to Michael? I loved Travis Barker, he was Fire! I think some of them were a little lit – did Eddie Levert curse?

  5. This award show was horrible! The production errors, thuggery, dismal song selection and terrible on stage presentations made this yet another BET joke. What in the world was Beyounce wearing? She is to old to be playing tinker-bell.

  6. Why is it that when an icon in our race dies, we all come together to mourn and support on another, but we can’t work with each other or network together without mistrust? I am very sad for the Jackson family, but I think if they had been better at being a family unit, this would not have had to happen. I was happy to see BET change the theme of the show. That was very responsible of them.

  7. This was not BET’s best. In fact it seem like the Jamie Fox Show. Yes, what was Bey wearing. I thought Ava Marie was a very religious song and did call for her to be naked!

    Either folks sounded horrible or BET’s sound man, needs to be fired! Good highlights, Tribute to the OJays, Keyshia and Monica, and Maxwell! Soulja needs a belt and why did all the Celeb’s know all the words to his song?

    BET ya’ll could have done better!

  8. OMG! you guys must really be some old over the hill people commenting on the show. Apparently you know nothing about what is popular today. Number 1 T.I.’s nickname is infact “King”. He only mentions that in ALL of his music. Number 2 Drake is the hottest thing to come around in a minute. He brings a fresh sound and style to hip hop and i bet you will be bitting your words in a few years. And as for Beyonce, how could you hate on B. The outfit fit the song. Also the award show was not horrible.How can black people getting together and putting together a show to celebrate the celebrities that have achieved great things in this past year be horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

    Debra Lee is an embarrassment to Greensboro…now she’s pretty much taken BET as low as it can go…we hope.
    I’m not sure what the HELL BET thought “tribute” meant, but what it DOES NOT MEAN buffoonery and foolishness, disrespectful or tasteless jokes. The man is dead, they could have done something respectful, something like they did for the O’Jays. It seemed almost like they were doing a roast….I felt so embarrassed that Joe Jackson had to sit through that mess. This show was a total FAIL- even if it hadn’t been a tribute.
    Beyonce was TERRIBLE- “Such a Fierce Mess”…I’m not sure what this writer is talking about- she looked and sounded a MESS. Jamie Foxx did a good performance of Blame it…he should have stopped there. This was a mess and if I never watched BET before…I can’t even tell you what channel it is nor do I want to know.


  10. The show was a hot ghetto mess! You could tell it was thrown together @ the last minute. Why did the have one hit wonder Soulja boy performing??? What not let Ginuwine sing his new song? Neyo awesome always, New Edition what can I say, I’m been a fan since 1984. Tyrese, Trey and Johnny were great! Ciara was also a mess!

  11. I thought Maxwell’s performance was the best of the nite…can’t wait for the album to come out. Maxwell and K’Jon are the only artists that I’m really feelin rite now…I advise everyone to check out K’Jon becuz he is the truth. Y’all can listen to his songs @

  12. 1. Trey Songs was WAYYYYY out of his league on that tribute. He should not be no where near Johnny Gill when singing.

    2. Beyonce, I’m not even going to talk about the clothes because she is always dressed horribly, but she needed to shut her face trying to sign Sarah Mclachlan’s Arms of an Angel.

    3. Was I the only one who thought that Joe Jackson sitting in the front row smiling and laughing was weird? Joe, you in here trying to get another group together or what? Seemed more like a publicity stunt than a father celebrating his son’s life.

    4. Why can’t BET get the sound and editing correct? Aren’t they on a delay? What’s with all the cursing?

    5. If Jaime would have plugged his Vegas show ONE MO’ TIME!

    6. Neo! Dayum that boy is good!

    Alright, that’s it, I’m going back to work!

  13. Maybe you had to be there!!! For the most part I was not impressed with the BET Awards. However, there were some exceptions…Neyo, Kerri Hilson, the OJyays tribute (Tyrese, Johnny Gill & Trey), Keyshia and Monica. On a whole, it was as most folks were “trying too hard” (to be funny or innovative)! The production was boring (and not a tasteful tribute to MJ)…!! I turned the channel after Beyonce’s performance. I guess she was attempting to be “over the top” or innovative, but she looked “tranny-licious”!!! WTH was she wearing??!! By the way…Was Jaime drunk?!

  14. I thought it was a pretty decent show, especially for last minute to include the MJ tribute. But Souljaboy sounded horribly and I cannot believe that’s what passes for music these days. This generation cannot possibly dumb it down anymore than Soujaboy.

    And all this hype about this Dude Drake and he gets on stage, in front of his peers and millions of people around the world and sits on a stool? Are you for real? He didn’t rap well and didn’t sing at all. What the hell is all the hype about? He seems like another artist made in the studio, no more or no less than the Britney Spears of our times. I just don’t get his hype. These days, kids will hype up anything and anyone even when its not deserved. Case and point, the Neffe and Frankie Show.

    I’m suppose to look at an ex-crackhead and a drunk with three or four different baby daddys. BET, you must do betta!

    REST IN PEACE MICHAEL J. You will be missed forever!

  15. Hot A Mess. Buffoonery at its finest, with some exceptions. I actually felt sorry for the entertainers who actually did do a good job. BET had one chance to get this right and they FAILED.

  16. I may get cussed out for saying this but here goes. Though i LOVE me some Keri Hilson that was very painful to watch towards the middle. I assume she thought of her outfit as a classic MJ outfit when in all actuality it was a 1950’s Elvis outfit. CHECK UP ON IT KERI!!!! Not only that but the accapella at the end had me twengin in my seat!!! she can sing but that performance lasted about 20 seconds long than what it should have. With that being said i still love here but….YOU GOTS TO DO BETTER BOO!!!

  17. I use to love the BET awards (it had more class when Bob Johnson was CEO), but its more like the source awards now that Debra Lee has taken over. Some of comments from Jamie (regarding how he loved Michael with the big nose, medium nose and small nose) was not call for nor was him mentioning that he needs to have his pants a little bigger, because he is huge down there. All of the profanity (there were kids watching), it was so ghetto. The upside is the O’Jays tribute (excellent), Maxwell (exceptional), Ne-Yo rendition of Michael’s song (fantastic), Ne-Yo bringing the old school back (great). Janet appearing on behalf of her family (words cannot express this feeling). Jamie shouting to I audience member (I love you too and I’ll show you how much after the show) was tacky. Let’s hope next year they can bring back the class of yesteryear.

  18. I had such high expectations for the BET awards especially since they were going to do a tribute to Michael Jackson. Needless to say, I was seething with digust. It was a total disappointment, joke, & a waste of my time which is why I turned the channel during the last hour. BET has gone down the DRAIN completely. Until they do major construction with their programs I will continue to bypass the station.

    I guess acting a dam fool & glamourizing being a rappers ex wife or woman can get you a TV show on this network (Frankie & daughter + Tiny & Toya).
    OH my………………………

  19. Total GHETTO! This was horrible and Jamie Foxx should apologize for the crude rude statement he made about Micheal Jackson being ours. Michael Jackson worked hard to tear down the racial lines and as a black woman I was insulted. BET should be ashamed for this ghetto thug show. Mike was all class this was pure trash. Was Jamie Foxx on something? His sex talk and rude remarks. Truly a B list crowd at most. Janet Jackson my heart goes out to you and your family! The Jackson 5 were a major part of my childhood and when Micheal thrilled the world with his percision and attention to detail he inspired me to always strive to give my best. This tribute was not the best it was horrible. I pray Oprah steps up and show what class can do! BET shame on you!

  20. One word GHETTO! BET should be fined for that mess. Jamie Foxx was horrible and tacky. Oprah come on sho them how to do a tribute! My heart and prayers are with the Jackson’s. Michael you will be missed. Thank you for your contribution to the world! You were a true gentleman and you truly did break all barriers. Though Jamie Foxx seems to think you were just about the blacks. As a black woman I almost cried to hear this so called man make such a hateful statement. How sad it seems the further we get ahead we still strive to go backwards. Jamie Foxx I will no longer support you are your films. BET enough said tacky…poor taste.

  21. I agree with most of the above comments. I haven’t watch BET Awards in years and I was really looking forward to some good if not great performances. I was highly disappointed. The show was a mess, very tacky…I was hoping to see Usher, Ginuwine, Chris Brown even Chris Tucker. What happen to those artists? However, NeYo is just awesome!!!! He saved the show.
    ****I have to say it was GREAT to see TEEVIN CAMPBELL*****Very handsome…He still sounds very good. (You could tell he might have been a little nervous)…I’m sure if he had more of a warning he would have been more prepared….. All in All…Most people I’ve asked said he did a great job…..

    WOW…Bey what the heck was that? She is so boring! It’s time for her to sit down…Please sick of looking and hearing about her…Overrated!!!!!

    The drummer for Jamie Foxx….HOTT…WOW….He did a GREAT job. Man he jammed

    He was also good to see “Johnny Gill” I would have to say the same for him. I think if Johnny and Tevin were given more of a warning their performance would have been one of the BEST…Both did a wonderful job. Let’s hope their back in the studios soon…..And Monica
    Neyo, it would be great for you to work with Tevin, pretty sure you won’t be disappointed… Tevin is (would be) in the same class as Mario, Ginuwine, Trey Songz and J Holiday…etc…
    The Queen and Mary-Mary did an awesome job…that was very good!!!

    Some of the language on the show was disrespectful…

    Janet is sooo beautiful and strong…Thanks for speaking…Prayers are with the Jackson family

    Good Nite!

  22. First of all Jamie said blame it on the alcohol!! Dont blame him. He did wonderful for what it was worth. Hands down TEVIN TEVIN TEVIN I really dont care where you came from lookin good! I told AAron hall to slow down! LOL lookin like Hammer at the spot! My prayers go out to the Jackson family but what the heck was Joe doing there? What was his real reason. It was impossible to give a tribute to MJ and have the BET awards in 3 hours. Why would they do that? those same ppl woulda been there for a special show! How dare someone talk about the little cursing when the kids cant even watch VH1 or MTV during the day! You already know how we do it. Lookin forward to next year. Im thinking about hosting the show mu damn self!!!!

  23. First of all Jamie said blame it on the alcohol!! Dont blame him. He did wonderful for what it was worth. Hands down TEVIN TEVIN TEVIN I really dont care where you came from lookin good! I told AAron hall to slow down! LOL lookin like Hammer at the spot! My prayers go out to the Jackson family but what the heck was Joe doing there? What was his real reason. It was impossible to give a tribute to MJ and have the BET awards in 3 hours. Why would they do that? those same ppl woulda been there for a special show! How dare someone talk about the little cursing when the kids cant even watch VH1 or MTV during the day! You already know how we do it. Lookin forward to next year. Im thinking about hosting the show my damn self!!!!

  24. This was a SAD SAD SAD show. Was this the best that BET could do. They should have waited and did a separate show for MJ and did just one segment in memory for MJ.
    It was not representing us very well. We have come tooooo far for this mess.

    Our children were watching this show and i had to keep my hand on the remote control button the entire show. COME ON DEBRA LEE! Very disappointed. Ya’ll didn’t represent very well. What was up with Don Cornelius? Please explain, so that i can explain to the kids.

  25. BET is a minstrel show network ,and the only good performance was from New Edition,Maxwell,Tevin Campbell,The O’Jays,Jay Z,Ne yo{please keep your hat on bamma}.Jamie made the whole show about his sorry and he kept plugging his tour like a lost independent artist hustling.

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  27. Devastated. I didnrrrt miss a show, regardless of where I was, for my entire childhood. That has been where we SHONE. Some other dance show since only agreed to be trying to keep up.

  28. WOW….It’s unlikely that any comment on how he was convicted on spousal abuse… so permit me to be the first to say, “F you and the show you the ropes rode in on.”if i followed the criminal background of every single person i watched around the tv, followed on the radio or what have you, every single person i see in movies, i’d personally have no time and energy to enjoy myself because i’d find criminal records all damn night and day. i dont defend every fucking thing anyone does and no i dont think spousal abuse is cool. but give me a break.I won’t give you a break, but Don will…a bone or two…there is no pity whatsoever for a man who hits over a woman

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  30. Don’t know how much I’m gonna remember, but I’ll do my best. The Jackson family made a good choice electing Janet to speak on their behalf. Her and Rebbie are the only ones with good sense anyway.

    Joe Jackson resembled an aging pimp. Wouldn’t surprise me if he handed out “Lemme Make U A Star” business cards.

    Ne-yo: regal, exquisite, outstanding, classy, talented.

    Loved it when New Edition wore clothes from the 70’s and sung Jackson 5 hit songs (that was the same show, wasn’t it?). Anyway, they did a great job no matter what show it was.

    Beyonce: WTH? I don’t see understand why she choose to be damn near naked for every performance. You’d think she would’ve covered up and showed a little more class.

    Did Eddie LeVert cuss? Is Tiny retarded, bipolar, or hooked on Ebonics?

    I don’t recall Maxwell but I LOVE him and his music so I’m gonna say that I loved his performance.

    Thats all I’m gonna try to remember for now.

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