Detroit City Council Loses Burden

Monica Conyers in a tiff with Kenny Cockrel during a meeting.
Monica Conyers in a tiff with Kenny Cockrel during a meeting.

Monica Conyers, the Detroit city council member and famed Michigan congressman John Conyer’s wife, has FINALLY resigned from her post on the city council.  Her embarrassing remarks during and outside formal meetings, her disrespect of the City Council president Kenny Cockrel, and overall inability to display any remnant of composure or professionalism that would suggest she had any aptitude for her position are finally laid to rest.

The city has had enough embarrassment with the public affair of the former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick that financially crippled the city.  Now with Mrs. Conyers, 44, admitting to bribery charges because she had taken money in exchange for a vote it makes everything a lot easier on the city.  Michigan’s attorney general would’ve come after her had she not resigned from her seat.

The wicked witch is dead! Read about it here.  Surely, Kenny Cockrel, whom she has referred to as “Shrek” in a meeting , felt vindicated when the city council came after her and was able to vote her out of her position as well.  Ok, ok, go ahead and read about it.  Just feeling the same happiness I felt when the BET Awards were over.

Oh yeah! And as sophisticated and prestigious a career John Conyers has had, he knows he needs to beat his own ass for marrying this chick nearly half his age and allowing her to show off in this way.

-J.C. Brooks

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