“As Seen On TV” Hype Man Dead

Billy Mays
Billy Mays

What is going on?  Sunday, in case you didn’t hear, your favorite “As Seen On TV” products hype man, Billy Mays, died.  His wife found him unresponsive.  Turns out, he died from a heart attack.  This is a lot of death at one time, don’t you think?  Very strange.

Another coincidence, that held a hint of concern was the airline trip he had taken on Saturday with U.S. Airways.  The plane’s front tires blew out and he was bonked on the head by things flying down from overhead. 

Some may try to connect that with his heart attack, but it appears that God is calling home angels he needs for an important party that is getting ready to jump off.  Michael Jackson and Billy Rays as his hype man.  Picture Billy Mays bringing Michael Jackson out.  The heavens are going to rock!

Check out the full story here.

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