The King Was Here


A child in search of a childhood

With talent beyond compare

lost sight of all things child like

and his life became an affair


an event of mass proportion

each day pomp and circumstance

never a human being

a shadow in his own dance


He wanted to be accepted

just loved for his first self

No smooth moves

No awards upon his shelf


But he found nothing is given

always something in return

so just for us

he let his feet burn


he was over the top

only he could walk on the moon

the girls would swoon

and his life further left behind


something divine had taken over

his dreams were no longer his own…but the world’s.

the truth unfurled

now Billie Jean and her girls


they all fade away…


The stage is set

for the best performance yet,

and the King of Pop is through

Safe passage Michael…we already miss you.


R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson


-j.c. brooks

3 thoughts on “The King Was Here”

  1. That’s a very real sentiment Jacci. They should just scroll this on the screens everywhere, play a few of the songs and let that be!!!! Greatness…

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