The Jackson Family Needs Peace and Privacy

Jermaine Jackson came out and shared the details of Michael’s last minutes with us.  He was obviously distraught by the news of his brother’s passing and asked that “Allah” always be with him.  The former singing sensation made it clear that his cause of death is not known.  But, as we reported recently, (conspiracy in the works) we found it mighty suspicious when the eccentric investor, Tom Barrack, decided to help Mike out with all his financial woes by promoting the concert in London and saving the Neverland Ranch from foreclosure.  Jermaine is distraught in his speech, but something tells me that when he talks about the “autopsy” he knows something may be amiss.  Check it out:

2 thoughts on “The Jackson Family Needs Peace and Privacy”

  1. My heart is so heavy right and I am in total shock about Michael’s passing. However I am concerned about the doctor who was with him when things went down. I am sure that he has something to hide and I am sure he gave Michael the fatal dosage of Demerol. Michael di dnot deserve this. He was on his way to making a comeback and the world was waiting in anticipation. It is not fair that it has been taken from us so early. My condolences goes out to the family.Please refraim from printing or reporting terrible things that will hurt the family. They deserve to have a peace of mind during this trying time.

  2. I know Michael family is so shocked and surprised that he’s gone so suddenly. I’m feeling sorry for them right now. He was still young at 50 and I hate that we didn’t get a chance to hear more wonderful music from Michael. His memory and music will live on forever. He was unbelievably amazing. Michael may peace be upon your soul forever. You have given the world so much of yourself and I guess God felt you gave enough; therefore, it was time to go home.

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