Update: South Carolina Governor Found

Mark Sanford with Bush
Mark Sanford with Bush

What in the hell is going on in South Carolina?  First, we had our mouths gaped open because the governor, Mark Sanford, thought he’d go for a hike in the middle of the work week and not tell anyone that he was going to THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL to do it!!  We bought that story lock, stock and barrel.  They lie good don’t they?  If he hadn’t come forward with new information, we’d still be wondering just how eccentric his goofy lookin’ ass really is.  Mr. head of the Republican Governors Association (which he will step down from).

But it turns out that wasn’t the truth.  And in case you thought the first story was unbelievable, the truth is even worse.  This fool came out to everyone in South Carolina and on Earth with his jaw dropping business.   He told everyone that he was in Argentina with his mistress.  Not Mexico, not at some hotel or bed and breakfast in the state, not Hawaii, this fool was allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way over in Argentina!  Can you say, retirement? 

This is the same guy that voted to impeach Clinton over his “immoral” decisions.  But for him, so far it seems that everyone is being pretty cool about the situation.  The Lieutenant governor, his former campaign manager, and last but not least, HIS WIFE.  It appears that they have already been dealing with the news of the extramarital affair for months.  In my humble opinion, WHY would you put it out there for the world to know and not stick with the Appalachian Trail story if she already knew?  Oh yeah, someone got a hold of his e-mails with the mysterious other woman.  This guy was supposed to be a republican hopeful for 2012 presidential race.  So much for that.  Now what do you think a black man would’ve done in this situation?  Oh! My bad, we already have that example.  Sorry Kwame.  Let’s see if they castrate him the way they did you.

What do you think about this whole thing?  Please let us know!  Read this article to give you further clarity on the situation.


-J.C. Brooks

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