Where In the World is South Carolina’s Governor?

South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford with his family
South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford with his family

The state of South Carolina seemed to be in a bit of a panic over the whereabouts of its governor, Mark Sanford.  That is the only reaction you can have when the wife of the governor doesn’t even know where he is.  In these times, a whole state cannot be abandoned by its governor.  A war could break out or there might be some kind of national or local security issue and South Carolina would be getting its directive from the Lieutenant Governor at the very last minute.

The spokesman for the crazy republican governor finally had to give up his locale which was the Appalachian Trail.  But before giving up the information, he gave everyone the cold shoulder as they asked where the governor could be.  This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.  The governor just figures he’s going to steal away and have some me time? 

What if President Obama just came up missing for four days or so…AND DIDN’T EVEN TELL MICHELLE?  He wouldn’t have to worry about the FBI and CIA, nor the secret service.  Michelle would have a big pot of grits on the stove waiting patiently.

Read here and see how his wife didn’t even flinch when this fool didn’t even show up for Father’s day…and he has four sons!  Read all of this foolishness here.

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