Eugenia Wright Hangin’ In Hollywood On the Set of ‘House Arrest’

Rolanda Watts & The Game on the set of 'House Arrest'
Rolanda Watts & The Game on the set of 'House Arrest' (photo: Vinni Ratcliff)

Superstar rapper The Game and actress/model Stacey Dash are set to lock lips in “House Arrest” a new film by Andrea Weathersby.

Shooting took place recently on Melrose Avenue and other Los Angeles locations.

Although Stacey is The Game’s love interest in the flick it was Rolanda Watts who got big squeezes and hugs during a break from shooting.

Andrea Weathersby and legendary filmmaker Cassius Weathersby, Executive Producers. Miriam Holder-Jacobs co-producer.

Billy Washington directs star studded cast that includes Stacey Dash, The Game, Red Grant, Rolanda Watts, Roy Fegan, child star Kiera Washington, Bebe Drake, Chico Benymon, Sy Richardson, Zina Moore and others.

cassius_weathersbyandrea2009-medHighly respected veteran filmmaker and producer of “House Arrest,”  Cassius Weathersby beams with pride over his neice Andrea, writer of House Arrest (who is expecting). Cassius has taken her under his wing and is teaching her the ins and outs of filmmaking.

About Eugenia Wright: A former actress, Wright turned publicist, who boasts 20 years experience as a PR expert, founded ISA PR  Recently the EURweb Media Awards nominated ISA PR “Most Outstanding Public Relations Agency.”

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