Latino Essayist Speaks Out Against Anti-Black Latino Incidents and Mindset

Hector Tobar
Hector Tobar

It’s 2009 and you’d think that blacks and Latinos who share common needs and goals would have learned how to at least co-exist without ongoing tension and drama.

In many parts of the country where the races live in the same areas, just the opposite continues to happen. But perhaps nowhere is the situation as tense as in Southern California.

Now, for a change – a Latino – writer Hector Tobar, is stepping up to the plate and questioning his own people’s animosity towards Blacks. He makes it clear to his brethren that “without blacks’ sacrifice, Latinos would be 30 years behind in the fight for civil rights.”

The Los Angeles Times columnist tells how he had been invited by USC to be on a panel discussing the topic of blacks and Latinos in Los Angeles literature. “But the mostly student audience didn’t want a writerly chat. They wanted to talk about the reality of a divided, angry city.”

“There’s certain parts of Watts and Compton where blacks can’t go,” a young black man told us, rising up from his seat to describe Latino gang members’ slurs and threats.

A high school teacher rose to his feet, too, to talk about his Latino students’ ignorance of African American history and the intolerance he often hears from the Spanish-speaking immigrants around him.

It hurts me deeply to hear of these things. I suppose, like a lot of people, I’ve been in a sort of denial about what’s happening in my hometown.

Earlier this month, a few idiots with spray paint, and hate in their hearts, ran an African American family out of a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Duarte. It was the latest in a series of incidents in which suspected Latino gang members have committed crimes against black people.

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