Detroit’s Infamous Council Member Conyers At It Again

John Conyers with his wife Monica
John Conyers with his wife Monica

Detroit’s city council has yet another embarrassment to put on its record.  The  council has colorful characters on board to say the least.  The most outspoken member award goes to Monica Conyers though.

We’ve reported on her more than the city deserves and even more than John Conyers deserves.  But, this time she’s gotten herself into some Kwame Kilpatrick level mess.  According to the Associated Press, she’s being accused of accepting bribes and the FBI is involved.

Mind you, she has a weekly show on a public access channel where she told people who weren’t praying for her to go to hell! (loosely translated)  She is every bit the nut the news reports .  Her husband, John Conyers, is the democratic representative for Detroit and  has such an esteemed career that he has lasted in the House nearly 50 years.  He’s been in congress longer than she’s been alive.  The 80-year old obviously can’t put a muzzle on her, so he stays in D.C. 

Read about her foolish antics here.

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