Blowing A Kiss to Fam Costs Student Diploma


Maine’s Bonny Eagle High School’s graduating class of 2009 had to be the most serious class to ever graduate from high school.  The superintendent put the smack down on a young man who simply was in the graduating spirit…as we all are when we graduate from high school.  When he took the time to point out his family and friends and give a shout out to his Mom with a kiss like the rock star he knew he was, for the moment, the superintendent stepped in and said, “Give me that!” (loosely translated)

She was referring to his diploma and was pissed off at the student for doing anything more than walking up to the stage and accepting his diploma.  Her feeling was that he should not have made any gestures to the crowd during the ceremony, but I guess he was sent mixed signals since they were passing a blow up doll around in the crowd (joking…but it was something out there).  Maybe he should’ve waited until he got past the witch then started his rock star stuff.

At any rate, his mom wants an apology and for her son to get his degree while dressed in his cap and gown.  That’s a little interesting.  He’s going to show up to the school in cap and gown to pick up his diploma from the office secretary with his mom standing next to him clutching her purse and tissue.  The deed is done and I’m certain they’re not black.  A little less tact would’ve been shown at the graduation.  Read the full story here.

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