Rihanna and Other Celebs May Have Saved 6-Year Old

Jasmina Anema and Rihanna
Jasmina Anema and Rihanna

A six-year old Leukemia patient, Jasmina Anema, was recently treated with a bone marrow transplant that just may have saved her life, according to People.com.  The activists involved in bringing light to the young girl’s illness is Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and other celebrities that have campaigned for a donor. 

The little girl and her mom are not matches because she is adopted.  Her mom is white and she is African American.   Anema’s mom would like to thank the donor, but as a part of the agreement with the agency who found the match, DKMS, they cannot contact the donor for a couple years.

Read about the beginning of this young girl’s triumph here.


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