Obama Takes a Hit from Bill Maher (Video)

Bill Maher
Bill Maher

Some of you may or may not know who Bill Maher is.  He’s the guy who had the show “Politically Incorrect” on network television until they thought he was getting a bit too risque.  Now he has the new show on HBO, “Real Time with Bill Maher.”  If none of that rings a bell, he was also with Superhead, Oops! she doesn’t like being called that anymore.  What I meant to say was that Maher and Karrine Stephens, the author of “Video Vixen” were a hot couple there for a minute.

Anywho, he’s a huge Barack supporter, (that has to be known up front), but because he’s a comedian, he let the general public know when Obama won that the President did not get a pass just because he’s the President.   So last week, he took shots at Obama saying that he was taking every opportunity to stay in the media and he’s sick of it.  “We get it.  You’re skinny and in a hurry and in love with a nice lady.” He pauses here and then says, “But so is Lindsay Lohan.”  He went on to say that we see President Obama “in the paper a lot, but we’re kind of wondering when you’re going to actually do something.”

Mind you, this is all said in love … tough love.  You have to admit there’s a little truth in there when he says that our President needs to start “putting it on the line in fights against the banks, the energy companies and the healthcare industry.”  The main thing I agree with in his rhetoric is the part when he said what President Obama “needs in his personality is a little George Bush.”  I haven’t written it all here, but watch the video to put that in context.  I’m tired of Obama making apologies for his every movement.  Check it out:

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