Al Roker “Attacked Me” says Reality Show Drama Queen

Al Roker and Heidi Pratt
Al Roker and Heidi Pratt

If you’re familiar with “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Outta Here” and/or “The Hills”  there’s a chance you would be familiar with a couple the media is referring to as Speidi, Heidi and Spencer Pratt.  The two have become famous or infamous as a result of their new-found reality show popularity.

They are completely over the top;  a true to life drama king and queen.  So drama filled that Heidi would have the audacity to infer that women that are going to come on the Today show and be interviewed by Al Roker should watch out.  She said he had her in “tears” after the interview because he was such a large black man and so aggressive and she was so scared he would beat her and rape her like she’s heard about other black men of his size (loosely translated). 

Watch the interview and you will see that she and her husband are NUTS:

2 thoughts on “Al Roker “Attacked Me” says Reality Show Drama Queen”

  1. THis is totally ridiculous. How dare they talk smack about Al Roker, educated with a track record in the industry. He not only does the weather but produces several shows. These two nitwits should not even be interviewed on the Today Show in the first place. Made her cry. I cry everytime I see these two on television. But, you know how it go. Need I say more on that. That is one of the hazards of this new famous for being famous wave of new personalities. Not much discipline, intellect and not to mention, talent!! OK, I have ranted enough

  2. This couple is nothing but white trash with a pass for their 15 mins of fame! Take the money away, Heidi would be working at Wal-Mart and Spencer would be beating her azz because he’s always strung out on meth.

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