Detroit Traffic Backed Up Due to Money Spill


That’s right! You heard it!  An armored truck, which is supposed to be double secured, was breached because somebody left the door open.  properly secure the back door.  Well if you’ve visited Detroit or are from there, you know the Chrysler freeway (75)  is nothing to play with.  Especially at rush hour in the morning, going downtown and money is flying all over the place.

According to reports, the doors went flying  open on the freeway and surely, in a city going through such devastating times, people probably came to a screeching halt to see if they could seek their fortune.  Even if the city wasn’t under duress, you could see yourself trying to grab a few bills out of the air right?  Why not?  The traffic is at a standstill.

Now we’re going to let you guess what happened next.  Money missing?  Someone turned in a bag for a reward?  Or money missing?

Read here to get your answer.

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