Woman Slain for Unborn Child by Another Craigslist Weirdo

Elaine Roberts killed woman for unborn child
Elaine Roberts killed woman for unborn child

Craigslist has been under fire due to recent controversial murders and crimes that have occurred via the ads left by a bizarre group of individuals.  We just reported on June 5,how a man put an ad there for a rapist, so he could enlist him to rape his wife.  But, the strange thing is how this ad must’ve been worded.   Bizarre enough?  Not hardly.

 Now,  a Maryland native, 21-year old Heather Snively, recently moved to Oregon and was known for using Craigslist.  She met a woman there who needed to swap baby clothes, but had no idea what type of nutbag weirdo she had come into contact with via the newly controversial classified site. 

The woman, Elaine Roberts, 27,  killed Snively and left her to die in a crawlspace in her house.  The woman had been going around telling people, including Snively, that she was pregnant.  Some she told she was expecting twins and others just one baby.  While this crime is diabolically horrific, it is only one of several accounts of women killing other women for their babies.

Read the full story here.

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