Song Reflects Detroit’s Dismal Reality: ‘It’s So Cold In The D’ (Video)

Detroit is truly in the middle of devastating times, but now along with the automotive industry the music scene seems to be taking a hit as well.  The city has gone from Motown’s greatness to this?

There’s no clear description I can give you of what you’re about to see.  You just have to see it for yourself.  We must all have a moment of silence because “It’s So Cold in the D”:

5 thoughts on “Song Reflects Detroit’s Dismal Reality: ‘It’s So Cold In The D’ (Video)”

  1. Sounds like all the other rappers on the radio today. We got Souljaboy telling em, we got the “do stanky leg”. This is what dumb down looks like.

    There are no words for this generation of children. We need to reboot and start all over.

  2. Im embarrassed to say I’m from “Tha D” after watch that maddness! Trust me this doesnt come close to “Repp’in Tha Ole-English-D” ~~ In no shape, fashion, or form! I could take them serious if my life depended on it! Noise Pollution at its best!

  3. what tha hell was that! That was the most ignorant, dumbest mess that i have ever seen. All that cussin’ n ignorance and to have a child following those dumb heifer around shootin’ that pitiful ass mess. All of them needs to go to Sylvan Learning Center and watch some Cosby re-runs to learn how to speak and represent themselves in a positive manner. What a damn joke.

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