Grandfather Kills Grandson Over Dropped Watermelon?


If this is an African American family that headline alone should have the people of Atlanta incensed.  The subheading for the story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution online reads:  Dropped watermelon may have led to shooting of wife and child, police say.

I don’t know about you, but I find that use of verbiage both racist and making an attempt to sensationalize a horrendous crime and tragedy.  Once again, I’m assuming no white person was involved.  If they were, they wouldn’t say anything about the watermelon until later in the story.  Thankfully, a smart person was quoted in the report.  But then again, they could’ve been used for jokes as well.  Last name a coincidence?  I don’t think so:

Maggie Beck-Coon, a research and communications coordinator for the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, took exception to police reports that the violence was initiated over a watermelon.

“People are not shot or killed over a dropped watermelon. People shoot their family members when that person is perpetrating domestic violence,” Beck-Coon said in an e-mail.

What the headline and story should have said was the 55-year old grandfather, Robert L. Cook Jr., shot his six-year old grandson during some sort of dispute.  No one knows exactly what happened.  The neighbors have seen the grandfather “cussing” at the boy in a fierce way, but never imagined it would come to this.

Read the tragic details here.

9 thoughts on “Grandfather Kills Grandson Over Dropped Watermelon?”

  1. We need to pray. Seriously. If someone will kill a six year old relative over something like this…

  2. are we in the now time ?this make me wonder if we as a people has been rob from our stat of being what has happen to the now time when we lissen to these word blessed of the childrenfor thy or the son of god or forbid the childrn not to come on to me for thy are the chilren of god or it take a village of people to raise a child also the children or a gift to us from god..i wonder are we standding in the now time of the returning of god we as pople dont love our self our chidren not even our naybers i truly believe that the power of darkness is showing it self in it fullness truly god is not to loss this race but thing are so bad out of control we wonder just as the children of isreal once did have you left us here to die the worst kind of death lord the death of our self .but i think not i fill we are in the nowtime the returning of god so when we see are read the things we do in the news be not surprise God said it would be then after or doing he will come back again to recieve us to the family let not your hert be trubled believe in God and he said he will see you though we are in the now time the returnning of our lord and savour jesus the bless keith cowan a child of God from cleveland praying for you and also the grand father believe it or not he didnt do it the spirit that is of darkness come to seak/still and destroy was the one but to God be the glory.

  3. Well, the good news is they are not African American. I saw a picture of the idiot grandpa on another news site.

    I think we can reverse that racist stereotype today because it was a old good ole boy white man.

  4. as an african american living in georgia,all i can say is the blacks here are as closest i’ve seen to people being closest to animals as well as being dumb as rocks….

  5. Good News? a child was still a victim of a sensless murder. Black or white that is crazy..

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