Twitter To Start An Identity Check for Celebs

Twitter has just found out that they might just be a little irresponsible as it pertains to the illegal use of celebrity names on its site.  There have been several problems on behalf of the site with celebrities.  The most recent are Kanye West, which we posted on the on May 14, stating in a rant, “THE PEOPLE AT TWITTER KNOW I DON’T HAVE A F****** TWITTER SO FOR THEM TO ALLOW SOMEONE TO POSE AS ME AND ACCUMULATE OVER A MILLION NAMES IS IRRESPONSIBLE AND DECEITFUL TO THERE FAITHFUL USERS.

Then, just a little over a week ago Eve, who we also posted on on June 1, had her reps tell E! Online, “Eve doesn’t Twitter—ever! It is not her who tweeted about Chris Brown.”   The alleged “tweet” was a diatribe of how low a person must be to hit a woman.

Third, Cardinals’ manager Tony LaRussa is in the process of suing the site about a profile created that made fun of him being locked up in 2007 for a DUI and then an advertisement run stating that he uses the site. 

Reportedly, Twitter plans on doing  a background check of sorts on those looking to start tweeting.  The plan is that they will begin this service this summer, but some are critical of them possibly charging for the service.  The claim is that if Twitter asks celebrities for cash to do the identity check for their account it will be considered a “shakedown.”  Read the full report here.

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