NYPD Seeks Answer to Friendly Fire Through Technology

Omar Edwards widow Danielle and their son Xavier.
Omar Edwards widow Danielle and their son Xavier.

The New York Police Department has buried another one of its own by friendly fire.  The “profiling” that led to one off duty cop killing another will supposedly be a thing of the past if New York’s finest are able to get the technology needed to end the problem.

The technology proposed allows guns to recognize one another when taken from the holster.  They have several other ideas and plans for their guns as well.  The other being “tags” that lets all officers know where other officers are in the city, which didn’t go over well.

They are in talks with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and most of the technological ideas may follow suit of the info given to the commissioner by officers. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly asked offers in his “inner circle” for suggestions on preventing additional instances in the future.

Read here to see the progress they’re making with the technology, but we’re sure you’ve already guessed.

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