Buffie the Body Tells All in ‘Vixen Icon’


Obviously, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  The popular video girl, Buffie Carruth, has written a tell-all called “Vixen Icon.”

In her “entertainment” business, she’s known as Buffie the Body and she’s clearly making a run for the money that Karrine Stephens made for her book “Video Vixen.”

While it’s rumored that Buffie isn’t really a fan of Stephens, she maintains that there is no beef or interest at all in her.  But, if there’s a market for the stories told by bad little girls, then she’s in.  Her book begins with letting everyone know that her “body” was not so well endowed as it is now.  She said she went to some kind of Dr. Buzzard–that she won’t name–to get the secret to voluptuousness.  She ate everything he told her to eat and was given some prescription liquid appetite enhancer and BAM! Here she is in all her glory.

The young lady actually seems to take a grown-up approach to the book by one excerpt within a quote from the book that states, “America as a whole has never looked at video girls in a positive light. It’s not Karrine’s fault. It’s all our faults, as a whole. …Yes, I do agree that Karrine played her part in making it worse, especially by claiming she fell victim to the vicious Hollywood scene and then capitalizing off of her story.”  The review also states that she doesn’t give up any A-list clientele in the book.  Go check it out!  Why not?  Can’t hurt…much!

Read the full Black Voices review here.

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  1. Buff…seriously…we WANT names!! Why else do you think Superhead blew up?!! She was name dropping & whispering in the dark! Maybe Mya will deliver on the dirt…

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