Obama Attacked By Racist Jews on Video


The President went to Cairo last Thursday and gave yet another engaging, eloquent speech of harmony and democracy between the U.S. and the Muslim world.  The speech met with reviews and/or responses throughout the spectrum:  good, bad, really bad, ferocious.

But Max Blumenthal, an American investigative reporter and regular contributor to the Huffington Post and various other top level news agencies, found himself flabbergasted by the entire encounter.  The experience he had with Jews in Jerusalem as well as when he reported their reactions to the Huffington Post about the President coming to Cairo to deliver his speech.  For the first time, they wouldn’t use his report.  The administrator for the site said, “I don’t see that it has any real news value … it only proves that one can find drunk people willing to say just about anything.  Especially drunk, moronic people.”  What?  Even 50 Cent put it up on his site.

What you are about to see is the disease of racism carried in the luggage and hearts of Americans  and shipped to Jerusalem.  The majority of Jews they spoke with were mainly American, Americans with dual citizenship, and American students.  We hope you are not surprised.  Also, read the full account Blumenthal gave on his experience here.

4 thoughts on “Obama Attacked By Racist Jews on Video”

  1. wow. . . .even a well articulate , hard working black man with an education such as obama still dont get no respect cuz of the color of his skin.

    i have truly given up hope that racism will ever be eliminated.
    whites will continously spread theyre hate and superiroity complext without proper judgement and reason to the world like a cancer and will NEVER STOP.

  2. You know it is amazing that as long as we didn’t call Israel on their wrong doing and supported them blindly we were the best ally they could ever have. While I can’t say that these people represent the entire Israeli population, I truly believe there is a large group that think this way. The entire region wants to destroy Israel but will not make a move because we have their back. I wonder if we just said, “Hey Israel, we are going to stay out of your affairs like you ask.” I wonder how long would it take for the Muslims to take over Jerusalem AGAIN.

  3. I can state that I wouldn’t trust my security with any other country in the world except that of ‘The State of Israel’.
    What happened to the Jewish People in world war two was nothing other than
    a world conspiracy. No one really cared what befell the jewish nation by evil German Nazi genociders. While the Jews were being persecuted,
    tortured and murdered by the millions in those death camps, life elsewhere was still going on and if nothing was happening. It was advantageous for the allies not to bomb the railway lines leading to those death camps, as the thousands of soldiers and railstock which should have been used to transport german and axis soldiers to the front for fighting the allies were used instead to guard and contain the jews, in those terrible death camps. Thus alleviating the allies from fighting further axis forces, and allowing them more time to defeat the germans at the expense of jewish fodder for the Nazis. My family never suffered from the hands of the Nazis, however we suffered in 1948 at the hands of the arabs in our homeland where
    our families and their descendants had lived for centuries. I therefore repeat myself once again that I would never trust any country with the lives of my family except Israel.

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