Being A Mother Requires an I.Q. Test?


Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if women had to be screened by scientists, government officials, and their family before they were permitted to have a baby?

What if they had to get a permit before they had a baby and the permit cost $5,000?  But, they would still have to first past the tests required by the state, the educational experts and your family.  That would be pure genius!

Well, a woman in Britian has had her baby taken from her based on her low IQ.  The woman is trying to find out what her rights are as they pertain to the baby.  She said that she was visiting the baby everyday, hospital officals said she rarely visited.  Then, there’s the mysterious pregnancy.  She didn’t realize she was pregnant until she was more than five months and got sick and went into labor.  The baby was born with a lot of problems.  Read here to see whose side you’re on … Britain’s or hers?

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