Acapulco Becomes Stage for Local Shootout


Acapulco used to be the place people would go to rest and relax and get away from it all.  It’s famous for its blue waters and beaches and all around beauty.  Now, it’s the local shoot’em up!   We have reported in the past about the outlaws that have taken over in major cities in Mexico.   It seems that the mayhem has spread to the resort areas as well.

The blood bath that went down in the city went on for nearly four hours and 16 gunmen and two officers were killed in the melee.  As reported, soldiers found and confiscated “47 guns, grenades and ammunition, as well as several cars, including a Mercedes Benz.”  There were also four officers tied up inside, who still need to be verified along with another suspect found inside.

Watch out when picking your favorite resort in Mexico next time.  It was also noted by one of the tourists interviewed for the story that, “At the resorts they basically tell you not to venture out.”  Read for yourself here.

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