Suspects In Dragging Death Released

Brandon McClelland
Brandon McClelland

A Paris, Texas judge has concluded that there is not enough evidence to hold the two suspects, Shannon Finley and Charles Crostley , any longer for the dragging death of 24-year old Brandon McClelland.  The two men being held for his dragging death last September contend that they were not guilty of dragging him.  In fact, they were friends and had been drinking together.

Authorities said that the men had an argument over one of the men not being sober enough to drive and McClelland jumped out of the truck and began to walk.  A trucker has also testified that he may have mistakenly run over McClelland himself.

Protesters have not forgotten James Byrd, who was chained to a truck and dragged to his death in nearby Jasper, Tx.  Check out the full story here:

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