Update: 20-Year Old Black Brit Sentenced to Life for Drug Trafficking

Samantha Orobator
Samantha Orobator

You may remember on May 6, we reported that a young black British girl, Samantha Orobator, had managed to avoid the death penalty over a drug trafficking charge because she somehow became pregnant while in custody.  But what we didn’t realize is that they might drop the hammer in the opposite direction just as hard.  Now she has been sentenced to life in prison.

When she was apprehended by authorities, she was carrying about half a kilogram of heroin.  The law in Laos is to put those who are  caught peddling drugs to death, but the baby she’s carrying saved her from that.  But for what?  Her pregnancy only ensured that she’d live out the rest of her days behind bars.  And who gets her baby? 

Imagine if this law was in place in the U.S.  I don’t think ANYBODY on the block would take a chance at selling drugs after Ray Ray and Craig were submerged into the back of the police car and never came back home.  Do you think this is too extreme?  Or do you think someone has to pay the cost to send the message out there?  Check out the report:

3 thoughts on “Update: 20-Year Old Black Brit Sentenced to Life for Drug Trafficking”

  1. I think it’s tough to give a person that much time or put them to death for this crime. At least with her getting life though she can always appeal or maybe she will get swapped back to the British government when Laos needs something from them.

    In this end though, this goes to show that you can’t just go around the world and think because you are from a particular place that you are above the law!

    Maybe others will learn their lessons not to go places and try to pull the slick move!

  2. That would be something if that was the law here in the US. You are so right. I don’t think big, bad, and bold US drug dealers would risk receiving a life sentence for a first offense. But the thought sounds….

  3. For this real life Winter Santiago, this is a helluva lesson learned. Other young black Brit’s should read this story once then think twice about getting into the drug game.

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