Africa’s Botched Abortions are Source of High Mortality Rates


We had long heard of problems in different countries in Africa where women were victims of cultural beliefs that led them to the very painful procedure of female circumcision.  But now, the demand is for abortions.  The majority of the women having them are having extreme complications that lead them to hospitals where they can see physicians. 

But there’s another complication.  Not many real physicians.  A lot of the physicians coming to the rescue are only assistant medical officers.  They go through the painful process of an amateur abortionist in their community.  They poke around to do the abortion and sometimes puncture the rectum, uterus and cause the woman either to die or send her to the hospital.

Once they get to the hospital to get help some of them find that the only remedy is a hysterectomy.  In the New York Times, they report “Maternal mortality is high in Tanzania: for every 100,000 births, 950 women die. In the United States, the figure is 11.” 

Read here for the full story on the horrific conditions of Africa’s healthcare for women.

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