Pennsylvania Paper Prints Assassination Ad for Obama


Heads are getting ready to roll at the Warren Times Observer.  No one likes it when you use your publication to talk about assassinating the President of the United States. 

This was not a prank, a hoax, or even a bad joke, but as the secret service will soon conclude, a mean spirited temptation sent out to provoke any or all of those who live in a cave, under a rock or are a product of inbreeding that might agree.

Let’s just hope that for the editor’s sake, he’s not found to be in cahoots with the person who sent in this crap and that his apologies are truly sincere because people will find out where he lives much sooner than the person who placed the ad.  Read here to get the full story.


-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Pennsylvania Paper Prints Assassination Ad for Obama”

  1. ummm…isn’t someone supposed to be screening ads put in the classifieds before the paper is printed?

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