Nearly 100 Year Old Ring Found and Returned


Now everyone has lost something at one time or another, but normally we find it or we write it off as a lost cause.  But this woman had lost a very sentimental part of her past…her high school ring.  The ring was beautifully engraved with her initials as well.

A good Samaritan that was working on a clean-up to save a part of the city’s past never knew she end up doing the same thing for one person.  She saw the ring on the ground under a mound of leaves, but her efforts didn’t stop there.  The ring must’ve been so intriguing by the year its owner went to school, it set her on a hunt for the owner.  The woman did extensive research only to end up actually finding her at 97 years old.  Wow.

Read this story here.  It’ll make you wanna go do something nice for someone.

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