GM Has Officially Changed the Guard

Retired GM worker Larry Oliver, 76
Retired GM worker Larry Oliver, 76

The President popped up on the screen breaking the news just before noon yesterday that he had given GM enough of a chance to save themselves or come up with a way to save themselves and they didn’t.  Now he’s in the driver seat, so to speak as being a majority shareholder in the company.

Folks throughout GM are running scared whether they be in the plant or out of the plant.  The retired workers are working on the benefits plans that had been given to them.  Some were given their benefits for life in other companies, yet they have had to snatch them up.  Seniors are paying attention to that and worrying about if GM will do the same.

Some people’s families have been in the plant for generations.  They are dumped into the job market with limited skills if this is all they have done after high school…a very real problem for a lot of those workers in Michigan.  This feels like another depression within a depression.  We had ways of reaching out to Hurricane Katrina victims, but what do we do when the plants close and people are playing sink or swim?  Read here to see what may be coming down the pike for those who will stand in there till the very last screw. 

Until then, let’s see what we can do.

-J.C. Brooks

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