Diana Ross Steps Out To Help Homeless Children

Diana Ross
Diana Ross

Diana Ross doesn’t step from behind the scenes much anymore, but it appears she has come out to help a cause close to her heart, the Covenant House which is a homeless shelter for as Covenant House describes, “providing shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth.”

She will help them prepare for their performance as well as give one for the “Night of Broadway Stars.”  She is going to present the shelter with a check and the night should be lovely for both the children and Diana Ross….good for her.

Read here to see the particulars.

2 thoughts on “Diana Ross Steps Out To Help Homeless Children”

  1. Good for her…I know that she is also the Chairperson for The Diana Ross Pediatric Aids Foundation. She gets such a bad rap, that people report on her divaness, but never report the good she does.

  2. Miss Ross has given me so much over the last 40 plus years, i was there at the begining, and hope to never see her magic end. Such a LADY, class, style, talent, and more. I want to give her back something….my endless love…

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